• Q) Where can I buy My IndiEye GPS Video Tours?

    My IndiEye App is available as a free app on the Google Play marketplace. Tours are available for purchase from within the app. Free previews of each tour is also available to help you get a feel for the tour. Our tours are also used by major travel and hospitality clients for their customers.

  • Is there a demo available?

    Yes. Please watch it here.

  • Q) What makes My IndiEye GPS video tour the best option when I visit a heritage site?
  • Our tours recreate the history for you in a visual form which enables you to truly relive the past. It also enables you to navigate the site yourself using GPS technology and visual directions. The content is made by award-winning historians and film-makers ensuring an authentic yet stimulating experience for you. Visuals include archived footages of events/ festivals, dramatizations, restricted areas and graphical sketches. Where else can you get all this?

  • Q) How is it different from audio tours?

    Audio tours provide commentaries. We add the entire visual dimension to the tours and bring history alive! ?

  • Q) When I'm already at the site, why do I need visuals?

    Yes, you're at the site and are seeing the site in its full glory. However, you'll be able to appreciate the beauty of the site much better when history is told in a visual manner with recreated imageries from the past - which is all very different from what you see currently at the site!

  • Q) Where does My IndiEye get all its information?

    A team of researchers and historians scourge all credible published material on a particular heritage site and prepare the content. The information contained is validated by experts in the field ensuring authenticity and credibility of all information presented. Hence, the information presented is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Some creative freedom has been exercised as far as visual representation of history is concerned.

  • Q) Is the content really authentic? How?

    Our researches spend weeks putting together the content from national archives and various reputed published works on each monument. Then, the content is screened thoroughly and certified by an expert like a distinguished historian or a published author before being deployed as a tour.

  • Q) Why are tours priced differently?

    Each site is unique and has its own story to tell. Tours are priced differently depending on the various types of narration used in the tour, the cost to research and develop content for the tour as well as the popularity of the site among tourists.


  • Q) Can the map locate me and plan my route? Does the map give me directions?

    Yes. The GPS is fairly accurate and it points out your location. The software charts out your stopping points and plans the route for you customizing your route depending on your preferences. We also have video directions to ensure you know your way around.

  • Q) What if I don't want to follow the route outlined for me, and want to explore and discover on my own?

    Yes, you're free to explore on your own. The map is complete and the GPS navigation helps you indentify where you are at the site. You don't necessarily have to follow the route. That said, the video stories are told along the route, and the route has been devised for optimal tour experience.

  • Q) What if I am not comfortable with technology?

    Make sure you go through our short video tutorial before embarking on the tour. The instructions are easy to understand and to follow. Even if you have never used a touch-screen phone or are not comfortable with software/ applications you’ll have no problems using the product. The design has been made intuitive and tested with all profiles of tourists. Just follow the simple instructions and enjoy the tour!

  • Q) Is there a facility where I can download this App through the internet?

    Yes. Currently, the app works on Android. If you have an Android phone or tablet and a valid Google Play account, you can download it from Google Play here.

  • Q) Will it be made available on appstores of iPhone and other smart phone platforms?

    Yes! We're working on it! Please sign-up so we can keep you updated.

  • Q) How heavy is the battery consumption of the app? How can I save on this?

    The GPS and the video player do consume significant battery power. We are constantly working on optimizing the power consumed while taking the tour. Please ensure your device is fully charged before starting out on a tour. If you do not intend to use your phone to make calls etc, it would help to put the phone in flight mode while taking the tour.

  • Q) What is the app size? How large is the content download? How much time will it take?

    The size of the application is around 10 MB. A complete on-site tour of a monument could take anywhere between 120-200 MB. With a good WiFi connection, this should take anywhere between 10-20 minutes to download. A virtual tour of a site in anywhere between 40-70 MB and with a good wifi connection, it should take anywhere between 3-8 minutes to download.

  • Q) What happens if the download gets stuck before completion?

    No worries. The application keeps track of data that is already downloaded and will download only the remainder of the content.

  • Q) A lot of tours can consume a lot of memory space on my device – how can I manage this?

    In the Manage Tours section, you will find easy controls to manage i.e. delete and re-sync the data for all the tours you have purchased.

  • Q) What if I accidentally delete the tour?

    No worries. You can re-download the tour whenever you want. All you need is a good Wifi connection and a valid tour purchase/license.

  • Q) What are the updates for?

    At times, some monuments undergo renovation work and portions of the monument could be cordoned off or the route for a tour could be changed. Using updates, we strive to ensure that the maps and content are up to date.

  • Q) How will I know how to reach the site and where the tour starts?

    In the Site Info section of each tour (available for free when you download the application) we provide detailed information on how to reach the site, where the tour starts, visitation timings, local transport recommendations, other things to do (and to avoid) while visiting a particular site. We strongly recommend you to visit the Site Info section before embarking on a particular tour.

  • Q) How long does each tour last?

    The duration of a tour depends largely on the site. What you receive is nearly sixty minutes of authentic and interesting video stories on each tour. The time taken from start to finish to complete an actual tour of the monument could vary anywhere from 1.5 hrs to nearly 4 hrs (no kidding! we have some really big monuments in India).

  • Q) If I buy the virtual tour, and then I visit the site, can I upgrade to the on-site tour?

    Yes. You just pay the difference when you purchase the on-site tour.

  • Q) Can I access the tours forever?

    Each tour purchase allows you to take the on-site tour twice or watch the tour content for a total of 180 minutes (3x total video length). After that the tour video data would be automatically deleted from your device and you would need to purchase the tour again.

  • Q) If I face any issue, how can I get customer service/ support?

    You can reach us at customer.service@myindieye.com

  • Q) I have more questions, where can I get answers for them?

    Please write to us at customer.service@myindieye.com and we will do our best to answer them as soon as we can.