My IndiEye is about the wonderous sights and stories from across India - a GPS video tour guide app that uses stimulating visuals, dramatized narratives and recreated animations blended with the jingles and sounds of the ancient past.

We'll tell you all and more about the tales, secrets and ancient folklore surrounding the Gateway of India in Mumbai and the Golconda Fort in Hyderabad. We'll take you around Delhi with tours of the Qutb Minar, Red Fort and Humayun's Tomb, and mesmerize you in Agra with our tours of the Taj Mahal and the majestic Agra Fort.

And we leave it to you to take the tours during your trip or at home, use it for travel or for learning, or to just simply surprise yourself.

Ah, we'll even let you tailor the tour to your tastes. We're classy like that.

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